gentefamilia at fuorisalone
new poetic forms between design and contemporary art
14 - 17 April 2015
Preview in via Carlo Torre 5
Opening times: 11:00-22:00

The hot news from the Milano Design Week is a surprising family of sculptures with a strong visual impact and intense tension.

Gentefamilia is a collection of tables, seating, lamps, vertical panels representing an intrusion from design into contemporary art, in preview in a cozy loft in via Carlo Torre 7, between Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese.

Hand carved in Wood, gentefamilia pieces are inspired by an original vision of nature high up in the mountains and by its changes.

Recreating in new poetic forms the perception of an instant cought in the continuous forming and transforming of mountain nature: this is the fascinating, original research generated by gentefamilia and its distinctive marking.

This way Tavolo Bianco (White Table) freezes in an impossible shot covered in fresh snow, transforming the essential shape of a table in an exciting sculpture for daily life.

Hard and frozen, in flurries or just fallen, snow covers and reflects the light on Sassi (Stones), pebbles carved in wood, as though water and wind erode the rock, for a collection of seatings with different shapes and sizes.

From the play of shadows and colors of the leafy branches in the wind the series Infiniti is born; table and vertical panels in which the wax mixed with blue pigments creates an unusual intensity and a seductive parfume.

Table lamps and floor lamps, Le Travi are led lamps carved in a log.

On display also two surprizing Cappotti, life-size sculpture of an everyday item, created with arolla pine needles.

Each gentefamilia piece is unique and manufactured with natural materials and woods of larch, pine, arolla pine, fir, birch and ash.

via Carlo Torre 7
tram: 2 (Ripa di porta Ticinese via Lombardini stop)
subway: MM2 (Romolo stop)
open: 14th - 17th April, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.