An instant captured from the mutability of nature: the movement of wind through the leaves, the shadow of a passing cloud, the sudden shift of silhouettes in the descending mist, the texture of a rock, the path of an avalanche. Shape given to light, to a reflection, to nightfall on violet mountain peaks. A snapshot of the newly fallen snow, of snowmelt in spring, of the icy crust that shines for a moment over a rock, like a mantle embroidered by gusts of icy air.

Gentilefamilia is born from these fleeting moments that our mountains, the Italian Alps, reveal to those who know how to look. Our research and inspiration come from observing alpine nature as it takes shape and dissolves. We then translate this vision in a new, poetic form. We use shapes, materials, and colors to create an atmosphere for living. The three-di- mensional products of our vision break through the categorical division between design and contemporary art, while holding an intense narrative charge.

Once we sketch a moment observed in nature, we work as sculptors. We shape wood with mallets, saws, and chisels. We seek to expose wood’s natural forms: the strength and beauty of a fracture, a hole, a fold, a twist.

Tactile experience and olfactory memory are important parts of our process. We sand and polish wood with files and sandpaper. We use no screws or nails—just tongue-and-groove. We use natural essences, pigments, and materials like beeswax, resin, and pine needles. Na- tural, seasoned, perfumed, sensual: these are the qualities of the materials we use to furnish you with the soul of our mountains.

Each creation from gentilefamilia is unique and hand-made.